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  • Katie Straka Avatar

    Katie Straka

    5 star rating

    This thing is utterly amazing ! I bought one at the #rundisney expo for marathon weekend . I used it every day before and after the races and ran and finished the 10K , the half and the full ! I’d highly recommend it for runners !

    ProStrongman Johnny Wasiczko Avatar

    ProStrongman Johnny Wasiczko

    5 star rating

    Awesome product it is pricey but u get what u pay for the bbf is way faster and more powerful then a buffer u buy at home depot. I’ve owned mine for over 3 years and dropped it more times then I can remember lol and still works great. I

    Manny Moncada Avatar

    Manny Moncada

    5 star rating

    This product is amazing. Releaves the stress and tention.

    Amy Steinbeck Avatar

    Amy Steinbeck

    5 star rating

    Nicole Badillo Avatar

    Nicole Badillo

    5 star rating

    Saved my butt while I was out of town for a race. Couldn’t get a massage appointment, this came in super handy for my legs!

    Joe Valle Avatar

    Joe Valle

    4 star rating

    Liberty Jacobson Wecker Avatar

    Liberty Jacobson Wecker

    5 star rating

    Love this!! Fully recommend purchasing one you will not be disappointed�

    Steven J Alvarez Avatar

    Steven J Alvarez

    3 star rating

    The BFF is a good tool. I use it to help my feet recover from long day of just standing at work. I would really love it if they had a setting option like low, med, and high instead of only high. It would benefit the rest of my body at low because the high setting (the only setting) is way to rough on shoulders or back. I've tried it on several friends who've also agreed. An option for intensity would be very useful for this device.

    Marcos Iglesias Avatar

    Marcos Iglesias

    5 star rating

    Best race recovery tool. Love it. I've been using it for over a year and it helps to loosen tight muscles, especially calves.

    Ben Yourkvitch Avatar

    Ben Yourkvitch

    5 star rating

    I was lucky enough to be introduced to this at Columbus Arnold Challenge. I lift daily and wake up sore and spend most of day the same. Since I received this I use it multiple times a day and have never felt better.

    Kathryn Shilling Avatar

    Kathryn Shilling

    5 star rating

    This is truly a miracle worker!! I am a runner and have chronic nerve pain issues. I used this before running my last back to back 10k and half marathon and for the first time in years ran virtually pain free and PR'd both races! And I don't need a chiropractor any more.

    Marco Lopez Avatar

    Marco Lopez

    5 star rating

    I love my BFF. It's great after a long run or after a long day. One of the best purchases I've made in a long time!!

  • Eva Wisse Avatar

    Eva Wisse

    5 star rating

    Crazy about my BFF. It lives on my desk at work and my work buddies walk in all the time to treat their sore shoulders. I use it every day. A must have if you sit a lot and/or work out often.

    Robert Schurman Avatar

    Robert Schurman

    5 star rating

    We bought the BFF at a Disney expo and absolutely love it! It helps with my it band issues and is a great complement/ alternative to a foam roller. It is our favorite running accessory!

    Ronald Garner Avatar

    Ronald Garner

    5 star rating

    Our friend Amber bought this for us as a present, and we absolutely love it. Use it all the time.

    Rachel Lawrence Avatar

    Rachel Lawrence

    5 star rating

    The BFF miracle bodybuffer is the best! Shout out to Josh for his kindness!

    Joni Garrett Avatar

    Joni Garrett

    5 star rating

    They have one of these in my gym and I love it!!! So worth the money!

    Michelle McKenzie Leftwich Avatar

    Michelle McKenzie Leftwich

    5 star rating

    It's awesome � love it purchased at the rundisney expo

    Jennifer Bieritz Nilles Avatar

    Jennifer Bieritz Nilles

    5 star rating

    The Buff is absolutely amazing! It has saved my gracilis muscle!

    Maggie Bieritz Avatar

    Maggie Bieritz

    5 star rating

    The Buff has completely changed my recovery! I'm staying injury-free and in ZERO pain. So grateful for this amazing product!

    Joni Roland Avatar

    Joni Roland

    5 star rating

    Chris McKnett Avatar

    Chris McKnett

    5 star rating

    Melanie Schmidt Avatar

    Melanie Schmidt

    5 star rating

    Nikki Manek Skala Avatar

    Nikki Manek Skala

    5 star rating

    Bought this during a Rundisney expo last year. It's been an amazing addition to my running arsenal! Helps recover muscles faster and gets those kinks rubbed out!

  • Sharon Fay Golightly Avatar

    Sharon Fay Golightly

    5 star rating

    Elaine Hayward Avatar

    Elaine Hayward

    5 star rating

    I bought one last year at Disney princess 1/2 marathon expo. It was the best thing I bought, it helps my leg cramps from tennis too! Go buy one, you won't be disappointed!

    Cassi Willard Avatar

    Cassi Willard

    5 star rating

    Susan Mattes Bostian Avatar

    Susan Mattes Bostian

    5 star rating

    I love this...I use it in my health clinic all the time on my patients...awesome

    Vanessa St-Jacques Avatar

    Vanessa St-Jacques

    5 star rating

    Love it !! Super product and awesome team

    Cynthia Lamoureux Avatar

    Cynthia Lamoureux

    5 star rating

    This is the best thing I ever use love love it �

    Beth Poulsen Parker Avatar

    Beth Poulsen Parker

    5 star rating

    Just got my BFF at the RunDisney Expo. Can't believe how much better I feel already!

    Catherine Parker Avatar

    Catherine Parker

    5 star rating

    Amazing!!!! Just got one and love it! Worth the money, and helped my mom so much with her back

    Jeremy Bullock Avatar

    Jeremy Bullock

    5 star rating

    Josh is awesome. I use the bff all the time. Helps immensely with post workout soreness.

    Cheryl Wasserman Chartrand Avatar

    Cheryl Wasserman Chartrand

    5 star rating

    Feels hip loves it!!! So worth it!!!!!! ��

    Brian Chartrand Avatar

    Brian Chartrand

    5 star rating

    Love this device!!! Really gets into the muscles and eases the pain...

    Liz Braswell Avatar

    Liz Braswell

    5 star rating

    It is a phenomenal foam roller! Easy and gets out all the knots! Awesome!

  • Keith Higgins Avatar

    Keith Higgins

    5 star rating

    I would give you 10 stars if their was an option to do so.

    Joshua Kintner Avatar

    Joshua Kintner

    5 star rating

    When I first met the buffer, I had severe chronic lower back pain, sciatica issues. After a few weeks of buffing I had enough relief to get in the gym strengthen my body. Now I use the buffer daily to help wake my muscules up in the morning, after workouts, and relax in the evening. A true miracle tool!!

    Zach Skow Avatar

    Zach Skow

    5 star rating

    I'm surprised some of the reviews are negative. I met Josh, the Buff rep,at their booth for the Chicago Marathon. This product is outstanding and has been the only thing which can get at my sore hip flexor. It's also a much better way to work out my IT band compared to conventional rolling out.

    Vanessa Winfrey Avatar

    Vanessa Winfrey

    5 star rating

    Thanks for the BFF ! from your New BFF lol. what a fun weekend

    Emile Chartrand Avatar

    Emile Chartrand

    5 star rating

    Met Josh in Orlando, awesome product! I need to get a BFF asap!

    Gina Sabino Avatar

    Gina Sabino

    5 star rating

    Nicole C. Hoskin Avatar

    Nicole C. Hoskin

    5 star rating

    Jenny Church Avatar

    Jenny Church

    5 star rating

    I totally agree with my brother's comments below! This reduces soreness after a workout, helps stiff joints, and loosens tight muscles. I was actually hurting pretty bad before starting to use this, but now I am mobile enough to do the stretches and strengthening exercises I need to. It hurts less to get up in the morning... The whole nine yards! I am so glad these guys thought of this application!

    Dan Church Avatar

    Dan Church

    5 star rating

    I tried the BFF out at the expo for the Giants race today (at AT&T park) and was immediately impressed. I ran it over my back, quads, hammys, IT band, etc. and it was exactly what I needed. I've got the traditional hard roller and the foam roller but the industrial strength motor takes it to another level, hitting the tissue very deep and really loosening everything up. I was sold and bought one on the spot. Will try and post more feedback after some thorough test drives. 5 star device at this point!

    Sherri Baca Perez Avatar

    Sherri Baca Perez

    5 star rating

    Marie Reed Avatar

    Marie Reed

    5 star rating

    My husband who uses a wheelchair and I love this product!! We both just did the Rock n Roll half marathon and the Buff is taking all the kinks out!

    Russ Emmons Avatar

    Russ Emmons

    5 star rating

    This thing might look strange, but just try it! OMG!

  • Gloria Page Avatar

    Gloria Page

    5 star rating

    Great product! I'm using it as spa treatments for those who do not like waxing, but like smooth, bright and hair-free skin. Presently using on body builders, swimmers, after massage and prior to tanning, schedule your treatment today, 903-581-4247. Or order yours today.

    Ryan Meehan Avatar

    Ryan Meehan

    5 star rating

    Absolutely amazing product! As a chiropractor I am always looking for ways to relax patients muscular tension before adjustments. This product is far superior to anything I have used before!

    Katie Garibay Avatar

    Katie Garibay

    5 star rating

    It's AMAZING! After using this product, who needs a foam roller?!?

    Jamie Wendt-Richhart Avatar

    Jamie Wendt-Richhart

    5 star rating

    Sal Villarreal Vega Avatar

    Sal Villarreal Vega

    5 star rating

    As usual I am a bit skeptical about buying things but my partner was convinced and we ended purchasing one at the Arizona Rock N Roll Marathon Expo. OMG this this is amazing!

    Mari Dielingen Mesa Avatar

    Mari Dielingen Mesa

    5 star rating

    Bought the purple one at the Philadelphia expo and used it after my run and I don't look funny walking. First time I am not scared of stairs after.

    Sanja Dumo Avatar

    Sanja Dumo

    5 star rating

    Amazing product! Tried it out at the expo for Rock'n'roll Vegas marathon and just had to have it. I used it before and after running and it makes my muscles so happy!

    Maria  Visconti Avatar

    Maria Visconti

    5 star rating

    I am in love!

    Chef Joshua Avatar

    Chef Joshua

    5 star rating

    This is the best thing EVER... but don't believe me, I developed it.

    Jane Ledene Avatar

    Jane Ledene

    5 star rating

    Just Purchased this today at the show... I was amazed at how Joshua buffed all my hair away... hahaha can't wait to use it on my clients....

    Nneka Kelly Avatar

    Nneka Kelly

    5 star rating

    Heaven! Pure heaven! Soft, smooth touch combined with deep massage. Bliss

    Jeffrey L. Smith Avatar

    Jeffrey L. Smith

    5 star rating

    I love this massager. It's perfect for recovery after a workout.


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