Topical Lotion Mitt

$ 7.00

 One is the loneliest number. That's why getting extra Plush Blue Lotion Mitts is the way to go! Then you'll always have fresh, clean mitts to buff in your lotion and body butter daily. We sell singles, 4-packs, and 10-packs for fans of oxygenated glistening skin.

Care: Hand wash in hot soapy water in bathroom sink. Squeeze excess H20. Hang dry on towel hook. Will be dry in the morning. 


Stretch over your BFF's foam buffing disc, ensuring it is properly centered. Using a butter knife or wooden paddle, spread your body butter directly on the lotion mitt. If you are using a lighter lotion, spread a bit on a small area of skin with your hand, then buff the lotion into that area. Repeat until your whole epidermis is glowing and refreshed. You can also give a full-body massage, buffing in massage oil or cream.