$ 289.00

Professional strength Vibration and Percussion therapy in the palm of your hand. Since 2012, BFF PRO has been used by professionals across Sports & Fitness, Rehab Therapy, and Professional Spas, along with thousands of athletes just like you throughout the US, UK, and Europe.

Amazing at-home or in-clinic treatments for:

Muscle soreness and pain

Plantar Fasciitis, or foot other pain

Lower back pain


Frozen Shoulder

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

General mobility enhancement 

Warm up and muscle activation before exercise 

Painless foam rolling and muscle recovery 

With a rotating triple-dense layer foam disc that rotates & vibrates intensely, delivering deep tissue massage, and immediate relief of muscle soreness or discomfort. 

The intensive vibration desensitizes the soft tissue so you can go deeper into taught fascia & muscles with less pain. Foam rolling can be agonizing and time-consuming. BFF PRO is an athlete's best friend, because it saves you tons of time, is super fun, and makes your body feel AMAZING (plus you can sip a cup of coffee while rolling!)



Single Speed Turbo

12 ft. Electrical Cord!

All components of this device are UL listed.
- Model: BFF
- Power: 0.4 amp
- Bpm: 3300 (buffs per minute)
- Voltage: 120v~60ousnads hz
- Pad size: 6”