The BFF 6 Pack

$ 1,000.00

$ 1,800.00

Purchase 6 Buffs for just $1,000! The perfect gift for anyone in your life. 

The BFF Pro is used by professionals including pain doctors, massage therapist, Olympians like Jeff Galloway, Mr. Universe, and over 20,000 customers.

With a rotating triple-dense layer foam disc that rotates & vibrates intensely, THE BFF does all the work for you - and it feels like relief & pleasure - not pain & agony!

The intensive vibration desensitizes the soft tissue so you can go deeper into taught fascia & muscles with less pain. Foam rolling can be agonizing and time-consuming. The BFF is an athlete's best friend, because it saves you tons of time, is super fun, and makes your body feel AMAZING (plus you can sip a cup of coffee while rolling!)



Single Speed Turbo

12 ft. Electrical Cord!

All components of this device are UL listed.
- Model: BFF
- Power: 0.4 amp 
- Bpm: 3300 (buffs per minute)
- Voltage: 120v~60hz 
- Pad size: 6”