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The BUFF – Miracle Body Buffer


I went the IECSC Show in Las Vegas for my first time this year and had a BLAST! I was truly like a kid in the candy store! 🙂

I found some fun new equipment to offer – one of them being The BUFF. (Click here to purchase) The BUFF performs hair removal, exfoliation, moisturization, pre-tan exfoliation and massage, all in one handy piece of equipment!

So, how do I see this helping me?

First of all – I’m an esthetician, and I love to keep my legs nice & smooth, but I’m also not extremely flexible any more and I just can’t reach the backs of my legs to apply / remove wax! So, I’m always sporting a few ‘stray hairs’ back there, so many that it usually looks like I have seamed stockings.


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Customer Review – BFF Miracle Body Buffer Review

If you are a runner you know what sore feels like.

I have used The Stick and foam rolled my sore muscles. In November at the Philadelphia Marathon I saw a new product called the BFF. It looked interesting so Cheryl and I stopped at the booth to check it out.

The BFF Miracle Body Buffer is just like it sounds…a buffer for your body. It oscillates and vibrates to help break up the lactic acid in your legs after a run.

It felt amazing when I tried it out at the expo, but with a $300 price tag I couldn’t afford it.

Last week Cheryl got the BFF at work to try out. I was so excited and asked her to bring it home so we could use it after our 12 mile run this weekend.

Saturday was COLD (12 degrees with a wind chill of 0 degrees cold) but we had to get out and get 12 miles under our belts. We headed back to Saddle River Park, since one way is 6 so down and back would be our 12 miles.

Saddle River Park

The first 6 miles were pretty good. I did a slower pace with everyone (run/walk) and started to warm up. Towards the end of the trail there was a lot of snow, but we pushed through. The 6 miles back were rough. We were now headed into the wind and I stopped feeling most of my body (even with multiple layers).

In the end we finished and I was very proud of my friends Kristen and Spenser. It was the furthest they have ever run!

Running Buddies

Kristen’s back started to hurt towards the end of the run so we told her to come back with us and we would all test out the BFF!

BFF Miracel Body Buffer

It has 3 speeds, but we put it up to the highest one. It’s a lot less painful than foam rolling and almost like getting a massage. Kristen immediately felt better.


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The BFF Electronic Foam Roller

This bad boy looks like a buffer, but it’s actually a deep-tissue foam roller. The BFF Turbo by Body Buffer ($300) makes the bold claim of making your old foam roller “seem like an ancient torture device.” If traditional foam rolling is too painful, the BFF promises to deliver “intensive vibration that desensitize the soft tissue,” which allows you to get deeper into taught fascia and muscles – all with less pain.


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Sore Muscles? Give Them A Good Buff—Seriously!

If you are a runner, you know that recovery is key to helping you perform your best. Hence why you probably spend more time with your foam roller than some of your friends. Well, while walking through the Philadelphia Marathon expo a few months ago, I stumbled upon a booth with a gadget I haven’t seen before. It looked like something you would use to shine your car, but instead you use it to massage your muscles. Obviously, I had to try it.

The strange-looking gadget is the BFF Miracle Body Buffer ($300). A bit pricier than your average foam roller or therapy balls, but it feels pretty great. Although not a new product, it’s not something I’ve spotted at a running store or expo before. I tried the buffer on my calves, quads, arms, back (basically anywhere I could until I was asked to hand it back). The key to the design is that it oscillates and vibrates along your skin to massage and relax tight or sore muscles. If you’ve ever tried exercising on a vibration machine, like the Power Plate, using the buffer kind of feels like that, but in a targeted area. It emits a drilling-like noise but it’s not too loud (although perhaps it was a little strange when the team tried it in the SELF office this week). The buffer also has additional uses including exfoliation (by switching the provided pad).’

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The Largest Vibrators You’ve Ever Seen

The third vibrating “foam roller” we found isn’t in the traditional tubular shape that you can roll around on. It’s more like a car buffer. A regular at race expos nationwide, the BFF wins runners over with it’s massaging and other uses. With either one or multiple speeds, the BFF spins flat on your muscles or you can get deeper by pressing the side into your thigh, for example. The product comes with different covers, so you can also use it as an exfoliator or hair remover and to apply moisturizer.


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The BFF Miracle Body Buffer! – Customer Review

The BFF Miracle Body Buffer customer, Shelley reviewed TheBFF on her blog, “My Journey to Fit”:

I think by now my regular readers know that I’m fairly skeptical when it comes to “miracle” products…there’s an old saying about taking things “with a grain of salt” and I tend to take things with the entire salt shaker.  So, you can imagine my attitude when I saw the BFF Miracle Body Buffer being demonstrated at the Cap10K expo in Austin last month.  I glanced over, dismissed it, and then took a step and was reminded that my left leg, from the hamstring down to my Achilles, had been bothering me yet again.  I headed to the booth (luckily it was not crowded – I’m pretty sure that if I’d had to wait, I would have moved on), got the quick spiel on how it works and tried one out.

Action shot.

Holy moly.  I used it on my always-tight calves, found the knotted area, and within a couple of minutes, felt so much better.  I worked my calf muscle area down to my Achilles tendon, and when I stopped using the BFF Buffer, I could flex my foot without pain!  Of course, I then went to work on my hamstring (yes, in the booth – this thing felt so good that I didn’t care who saw me working the back of my leg and glute at that point) – I felt a noticeable change within minutes.  By that time, Jeff had wandered in, and I made him try it on his hip – he’s got a funky issue where his foot will hurt, but it stems from his hip getting tight.  He quickly became a convert because his foot pain went away after a couple of minutes of buffing.

At that point I was adding up in my head how much it costs for a massage ($80), which I rarely do (hello cheapskate), how much it costs to visit our chiropractor ($45), which helps reset me for a couple of weeks at best, and how much this magical buffer cost.  Jeff was on board, so it didn’t take long to whip out my credit card – their expo special pricing helped, I’ll admit – but honestly, the idea of being able to get this kind of muscle pain relief any time I wanted, at home, was the deciding factor.

The BFF Miracle Body Buffer is an orbital hand held massager – Jeff jokes that it’s like a car polisher, and he’s kind of right.  It has a cushioned foam pad that you cover with either a soft fluffy cover, or one that you can use with creams for more of a luxurious massage, or a fine sandpaper for hair and/or callous removal.  It’s electric and has a 12-foot cord.  You use both the flat side and the edge for massaging – I love the edge for digging in right at my most knotted up areas.  It’s not cheap – but if you’ve been dealing with chronic muscle pain, I think you’ll agree that sometimes you get to the point of deciding that you’ll spend whatever it takes to get rid of the pain.  I have been using my BFF Buffer for nearly a month now, and I love it so much that I took the steps to get an affiliate link.  You guys know me – I don’t push a lot of products, and I definitely tell it like it is when it comes to reviews.  I’ve spent a lot of money over the years on products and services to make my body not hurt, so believe me when I say that this BFF Buffer has been worth every cent.

The fact is, I do things that my body rebels against.  Running makes me hurt, especially on my left side.  I haven’t mentioned it much lately, because I’m sure you guys are about as tired of reading about it as I am with feeling it.  The harder running that I did this spring, to hit my goal of running a 5K without stopping, put the hurt on me.  I was pretty bummed about it because I don’t feel like I’m doing anything super crazy, but my body seems to be a delicate flower when it comes to running.  I’m not going to stop running just because I hurt – there may come a time when I really have to give it up, but that time is not now.  So I look for ways to ease the pain.  I stretch, I foam roll, and I beg Jeff to use the Stick to roll out my calves (he can put more pressure on them than I can).  Sometimes I end up taking Motrin, but I try to not do that, unless the leg/foot pain wakes me up in the middle of the night.