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The BUFF – Miracle Body Buffer

The BUFF – Miracle Body Buffer


I went the IECSC Show in Las Vegas for my first time this year and had a BLAST! I was truly like a kid in the candy store! 🙂

I found some fun new equipment to offer – one of them being The BUFF. (Click here to purchase) The BUFF performs hair removal, exfoliation, moisturization, pre-tan exfoliation and massage, all in one handy piece of equipment!

So, how do I see this helping me?

First of all – I’m an esthetician, and I love to keep my legs nice & smooth, but I’m also not extremely flexible any more and I just can’t reach the backs of my legs to apply / remove wax! So, I’m always sporting a few ‘stray hairs’ back there, so many that it usually looks like I have seamed stockings.


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